Ep. 49The Psychology of Fire and Innovating without Ego with Dr. Natasha Stavros

As indicated by the title of this episode, we covered some SERIOUS ground in our conversation with Dr. Natasha Stavros, Director of the Earth Lab Analytics Hub at CU Boulder. Natasha’s background in the academic realm combined with personal experiences with wildfire (being evacuated from one of California’s first megafires back in the early 2000s, and most recently seeing the impacts of the Marshall Fire on the Boulder community) gives her a strong understanding of fire from both the academic and the community perspective. As such, our conversation touched on everything from how technology can help build fire resilience if paired with strong policy, the impacts of smoke on vulnerable populations and her own reckoning with the psychological impacts and trauma of wildfire.

Learn more about Natasha and the work she is doing at the Earth Lab.

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