Ep. 50Fire in the Pine Barrens of the Northeast with Emily Dolhansky

Our 50th episode! In today’s episode, we spoke to professional forester Emily Dolhansky about the fire-adapted ecosystems of her home state of New Jersey. Perhaps you’ve seen some footage of the Jimmy’s Waterhole Fire (pretty good fire name tbh) in southern New Jersey—as of this writing, it’s sitting at nearly 4,000 acres and 75% containment after exhibiting fire behavior that would be extreme by almost any geographic area’s standards.

Emily filled us in on the fire ecology and history of the pine barrens, where she spent  as a kid growing up in NJ. Emily wrote her master’s thesis at Yale on the pine barrens of the northeast (which exist all over the northeast and midwest—not just NJ) and talked through some of the common misconceptions of Northeast wildfires while providing a good bit of context for all those wild videos we’re seeing on social media this week. 

To learn more about the fire history of the pine barrens, check out this piece that Emily penned while at Yale.

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