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Life with Fire Call For Pitches

June 15, 2023

Are you an early career audio storyteller who lives in a community that has been uniquely impacted by wildfire?

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  • For A Limited Time—Life with Fire Calendars!

    Hey Life with Fire fans! Just coming by with a quick update for anyone who stumbles over here. First up—we finally have some new episodes coming in the new year! We’ll be touching on some best practices for reporting on wildfires with reporters and photographers who have been in the game for a while and […]

  • Life with Fire in New Scientist Magazine

    LWF producer Amanda Monthei recently spoke to Sandrine Cuerstemont for New Scientist Magazine. The article is unfortunately behind a pretty wicked paywall, which, like, good for them but it’s also a lot of money and there’s no choice to be able to access just the one article for a lower price so anyways….Check out the […]

  • Life with Fire Podcast Update

    Hey folks! Welcome to our new website, and thanks for following along for the first season of Life with Fire Podcast! Having just started this podcast in August, I’m positively delighted to share that I’ve had nearly 7000 listens in the first nine episodes, and I can’t wait to keep the momentum building as I […]