For A Limited Time—Life with Fire Calendars!

Hey Life with Fire fans! Just coming by with a quick update for anyone who stumbles over here. First up—we finally have some new episodes coming in the new year! We’ll be touching on some best practices for reporting on wildfires with reporters and photographers who have been in the game for a while and can provide some perspective on how to cover wildfires safely and accurately.

Later in January we’ll have a conversation with Phil Higuera about how wildfires on the west side of the Cascades are fundamentally changing with climate change, and what that could mean for areas that have long been considered high severity and low frequency fire regimes (the 2020 Labor Day Fires are a good example of this). Finally, we’ll have a conversation about the Tim Hart Act with Tim’s widow Michelle, who has been an incredible advocate for change in how wildland firefighters are compensated and treated by their employers.

Good Fire Calendars

As we gear up for the new year we’re also dolling out a limited run of Life with Fire “Good Fire” calendars, which feature images from Australia, South Africa, Canada, the Western US and the Southeast. To secure a calendar, just make a recommended donation of $24+ to one of our donation platforms (see the “Donation” tab in the navigation bar above).

The proceeds from the calendars will be used to continue producing the podcast and eventually building a small team that can assist with audio production, social media marketing and on-the-ground storytelling. As always, any and all support is appreciated, and we can’t wait to keep creating good fire content and telling the critical stories from the people and communities doing good work to build fire resilience across the West and the globe.

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