Life with Fire Podcast was created to explore the ways humans interact with fire, while seeking solutions for how we can better coexist with it in the future.

We believe that these topics are increasingly essential as fire seasons grow longer, more costly and more destructive by the year. Our goal is to provide nuance to the conversations we’re having about fire, whether through stories from the fireline or through thoughtful interviews with experts, stakeholders and people on the ground.

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We believe fire has the potential to be the driving force that brings us into a future of stewardship, connection, community and acknowledgement of the forces greater than ourselves. With this in mind, our biggest objective for the podcast is simple: change the way we interact with, think about and talk about fire—and, ultimately, with the landscapes we call home.

We prioritize diverse perspectives, and aim to highlight important research in the wildfire space while providing a platform for those involved in the hard and important work of implementing good fire, educating fire-prone communities and witnessing how fires have and will continue to change.

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Meet the Host

Life with Fire was created by freelance writer and former hotshot Amanda Monthei. Amanda spent four years fighting fire and sharing stories from the line, and now enjoys braiding her love of fire with her passion for storytelling.

Amanda has written about fire for a number of print and online publications, including The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Patagonia, Outside Magazine and Adventure Journal.

To learn more about Amanda and her writing, check out her website.

Excellent coverage of and insight into fire and its necessity on Earth, and fire management points that not many people have a comprehensvive understanding of or exposure to - extremely valuable podcast, definitely share with your friends! Spread the knowledge.
This is a thorough, thought-provoking and engaging podcast about wildfire. As a former female firefighter, I love staying up-to-date on the subject of wildfire, and hearing from experts in the field. Amanda chooses to explore topics that are timely and critical, like climate change, prescribed burning and fire ecology. This podcast dives deep into subjects like gender and society in relation to wildfire. After every episode, you’ll find me talking about what I learned with my friends and family!
Amanda is excellent hosting her guests through discussions that are simultaneously informative and engaging. She goes deep enough to bring more understanding of the industry dynamics, and stays human enough to bring out the life experiences. Overall, she has a natural gift for positively addressing the negatives about our current wildfire practices.

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