Ep. 26The Reality of Burning 50 Million Acres in 10 Years with Michael Wara

A New York Time headline from mid-January. Guest Michael Wara was featured as a source in this article.

President Biden recently rolled out a plan to treat 50 million acres of land with fire over the next 10 years. The question is—is 50 million acres actually realistic with the system we have in place right now? We spoke with environmental law and policy expert Michael Wara about the logistics of actually putting that much fire on the ground to reduce risk in vulnerable communities, how we may not be in a place to scale it to that level yet, and what we can do to get to the necessary level of fuels reduction and fire resilience. We also talked a bit about Michael’s job as the Director of the Climate and Energy Policy Program at Stanford, and what he and his students are doing in the environmental and wildland fire spaces to help fire practitioners and build fire resilience into law and policy. This is our episode one of two with Michael, with the next publishing in two weeks.


7:55 — Wildfire risk to utilities.
15:30 — Biden’s plan to burn 50 million acres in 10 years.
21:35 — Limitations of Forest Service resources in achieving those acreage goals.
26:00 — Thinking radically about the future of fire policy.

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