Ep. 36Hotshot Crew to Grad School, with Harrison Raine

Harry at spike camp on a fire in June, 2021. Harry currently works with Logan Hotshots, and attends grad school at UC Berkeley in the “off-season”.

Have you seen that College Hotshot shirt from Hotshot Brewery (you can look at it here if you’re unfamiliar)? This episode’s guest Harrison Raine walks us through doing both of those things at once—and shares why he thinks more firefighters should pursue fire-adjacent degrees and careers that can make use of that invaluable, on-the-ground fire experience. 

During his undergrad, Harrison scored a fellowship that allowed him to travel the world to explore fire management practices in places like South Africa, Greece and Australia, among others. The result of that work provided a profound framework for his continued work in academia, which has largely been funded by his work as a wildland firefighter through the summers. 

Harrison encourages firefighters to lean in to the unique experiences they’ve had if they leave fire, especially as so many agencies, organizations and businesses are trying to find solutions in the wildfire space. We also spoke about his fellowship experiences, as well as what he is researching as a grad student at UC Berkeley, working primarily in the wildland urban interface realm. 

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