Ep. 29From Fashion Week to the Fireline with Celilo Miles

Celilo Miles as featured in recent advertising for Victoria’s Secret. Celilo is a member of the Nez Perce Tribe out of north-central Idaho.

There’s a chance you’ve seen Nez Perce wildland firefighter and model Celilo Miles in a recent advertisement for Victoria’s Secret—in it, she wears Nomex pants and holds her hard hat, emblazoned with the Nez Perce Tribe’s fire management program logo. After seeing the ad making the rounds in the wildland fire community, we tracked Celilo down to chat about her background as both a wildland firefighter and a model and how her appearance in the VS advertisement came about. She spoke about balancing modeling and fire, and what each vocation has taught her about the other. We also spoke about the dynamic of being a woman in fire, during which she provided some suggestions for other woman who are interested in fire or are just getting started. This episode is the first in our series on women in wildfire, which will run until early May.

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