Ep. 16Land Use Series Ep. 2: Resilient and Sustainable Development, With Liz Foster and Molly McCabe

Liz Foster and Molly McCabe join us in this episode—the second of our Land Use and Resilience Series—to talk about fire-resilient communities and infrastructure, including the inherent inequities of disaster prevention, preparation, response and recovery. Liz is the former senior manager of Urban Resilience at the Urban Land Institute, which explores the wildland urban interface resilience to disasters like wildfires. Molly McCabe is owner of HaydenTanner, where she works in real estate finance and property development with an eye to sustainability and disaster resilience. This episode is chock full of great insights about hardening our communities to the threat of destructive wildfires, from two women who have been working in and thinking about disaster resilience for decades.

This episode is a must-listen if you’re interested in learning more about the dynamic web of issues related to disaster-resilient communities, including wildfire insurance, adapting energy and transportation infrastructure for wildfires and the inequitable impacts of wildfires on vulnerable communities. For more on this topic, the Firebreak Report that is referenced in this episode provides a well of information about community resilience.

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